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Starting Martial Arts

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One has to be very careful when he has to start his  martial arts training. The complete warm-up as directed by a trainer, at first, seems to be very unimportant and time wastage. But, always remember that avoiding this may even yield any permanent disorder in your body. Hard exercise or extensive stretching is also not advisable without ‘complete’ warm-up.

Now, the second thing after warm-up is your patience and consistency. Never think that you can’t be a good trainee; you can even be a grand master. But, with a false perception in your mind that you can’t do anything will certainly hinder your progress in everything as martial arts.

After this, the real aim which can help you to be a good master is that you’ve to do something much better than what you did yesterday and you’ve to break your own records without having a look at anyone below your status. martial arts is just a matter of throwing yourself against trials and tribulations, testing your patience and lying on thorns.

Even always keep this in your mind that it’s not something short term. It takes time to have fruit of your all struggle.

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Punch hardening

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The hardening of punch is much more important than even punching speed. A hardened punch is much better tool to move your opponent .Hitting opponent more than hundred times with a flower is not advisable if you really want to knock him down. Here, only one stroke of heavy hammer can serve the purpose better.

The hardening of punch requires too much patience and a bit regularity in practice. Being a trainer, I always emphasize on sufficient warm-up before start practicing punch. In the beginning of my own struggle to harden my punch, I faced many difficulties and even sometimes my weeks passed without being able to punch on a wall. One of my friends even broke his finger while his practice without proper warm-up.

Its process is such that one should first practice punches on a sand bag or, in case, you are confident of your patience, you can also start yourself by directly having a punch on a plain wall.

After having enough warm-up of more than seven punches, take rest (usually 3-5 minutes), till you yourself feel comfortable to punch again. Then start punching again with the force you left before rest. Now you can increase force without fearing any permanent harm to you. At this point, stop only when you’re just ‘unable’ to continue.

You can repeat this, if you yourself like to do so, after resting again (usually 5-7 minutes), till you yourself feel comfortable to punch again.

Now your practice for, at least, two days is over. Next practice should be delayed even more than two days if you don’t feel comfortable to do so. But, neither repeat before nor delay till when punch start losing its gained stiffness.

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KUNG FU Training near FAST-NU

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“KUNG FU” training by an excelent trainer : ‘Dr. Amir, 3 DAN Kung Fu master from China’ at near Model Town Link road.


Rehan 03228076547



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Back kick

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